Why does ESPN not Respect the Dodgers

I usually post comments here when I get
angry, or have something to say and boy am I getting annoyed
by ESPN. On Sunday they ran a poll about who the hottest team
in the majors is and here are your choices: Milwaukee
Brewers, Texas Rangers, New York Mets, or the Chicago Cubs
but they failed to include the team with the best record the
26-13 dodgers. Now the Dodgers last night beat the Mets again
in an impressive game but the Dodger game becomes a side note
to the “Hottest team in Baseball” the New York Yankees. Come
on two weeks ago they were calling for Joe Girardi’s firing
and now since they got A-ROD back and won a few games they
are the hottest team in baseball, even hotter than the major
league leading 28-13 Dodgers. OK some people make the
argument that the Dodgers are in a weak division and there’s
no denying that but then again all the teams in the west
don’t go to the ballpark everyday and roll over and just let
the Dodgers win, they fight back. The supposed stronger NL
East is 17-20 vs. the weaker NL West, but if you look at the
combine Win/ Loss record the NL East is the weakest boasting
a 90-101 record while the NL West is second in league record
with a 94-100 record, and technically the NL West has the
fourth best record in the Majors. Now the Dodgers have also
gone into Philadelphia to play the Champs and beat them in
the series, they went to Miami to play a hot contending
marlins team and cooled them off, now they are playing the NL
East leading Mets and they may get swept tonight by the
Dodgers. I’m not expecting ESPN to focus on the Dodgers like
they do the Yankees and the Red Sox because frankly ESPN is
an east coast company with east coast ties. But lets talk
about the West Coast ESPN feed, a show focused on the teams
in the west and guess what was the first baseball news they
talked about the last two nights? The “Hottest Team in
Baseball” (That’s what they called them last night) New York
Yankees and the Red Sox on how poor David Ortiz is
struggling, but no real emphasize was shown on the Major
league leading, National league leading, NL West leading, LA
Dodgers who are also leading the league in Runs, OBP, ERA,
BAA, OPS, WHIP, and second in AVE, OPS, Steals, and saves.
There is no denying that in the majors at this moment no team
is hotter than the Toronto Blue Jays and our Los Angeles
Dodgers but with these numbers and with a major league
leading record to me the numbers that the Dodgers have put up
confirms that they Hottest Team in